Welcome to Method Customization!

We know one size doesn’t fit all, especially for small business. Customization can help you tailor Method to the unique way you get your work done. Create your own fields, tables, screens, buttons, and more using drag-and-drop tools. 100% code-free.

While Method employs a talented and dedicated team of Business Solutions Specialists who are on-hand to help you customize your Method experience, our step-by-step customization help is designed to help you learn how to do it on your own.

Help Structure

  • Customization Concepts  - concepts to help you customize.
  • Creating Custom Apps  - Mission Packs which will walk you through creating an light App from scratch.
  • Common Scenarios  - Common Use Cases and Scenarios.
  • Reference  - A list of terms and definitions used when customizing.

What you will learn

You can expect the following learnings by going through the customization section of our help.

  • Core concepts: Tables, fields, actions, objects and principles of app design via drag and drop tools.
  • Create or tweak: Make your own Method apps or apply changes to existing out-of-the-box apps.
  • Hands on: The Mission sections test your skills with a series of guided hands on scenarios.
  • Build on skills: At the moment, our help extends to the essential customization skills with plans to add more content in the future.

Keep your eye out for the following icons throughout help.


Tip! This icon means we’ve included a helpful hint or best practice.

Careful! If a particular step is critical to continue, or if you’re about to do something you can’t go back and change, we’ll provide fair warning.

Don't forget! Items marked with this icon will come up again and again throughout your Customization training, so if we’re going to refer to this little tidbit later on, you’ll know it.

Ready?  We sure are. Let’s get customizing!

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