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What articles to read when learning about Method:CRM

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The following is a list of getting started articles for Method:CRM, but by no means lists all the articles available in our help center. These links will take you to individual articles and can be used as a rough guide to follow when learning Method:CRM. 

By all means, if you wish to have your questions answered, please schedule a demo with us.

We also have a number of videos going over these topics available in our List of Video Tutorials.

Getting Started

Apps Within Method:CRM

Although these are not all the packs available within Method:CRM, these are the most commonly used. If wish to find more information on a particular pack, please search our help center.

  • Opportunities App - Learn about opportunities and how it effects your sales pipeline.

  • Web to Lead App - Learn how to create web to lead forms to embed on your site to acquire leads.

  • Opportunity Reporting - Learn about the charts and reports you can view relating to your opportunities.

For Non-profit organizations, learn about the donor management and how to use the apps. 

  • Donations App - Learn about collecting donations within Method:Donor.

  • Donor Pages - Learn how to create forms to collect donations on your website.

Integrations with Method:CRM

These are some of the integrations we have with Method.


To learn about customization, we have a set of Missions you can follow through to get a better insight on how to customization works within Method:CRM.

  • Mission #1 - Create custom tables to hold custom data.

  • Mission #2 - Create the interface (look and feel) for your custom app.

  • Mission #3 - Add functionality to your custom app.


There are a number of other articles and sections to read through to learn more about Method:CRM.

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