The following is a list of getting started articles for Method, but by no means lists all the articles available in our help center. These links will take you to individual articles and can be used as a rough guide to follow when learning Method:CRM. 

By all means, if you wish to have your questions answered, please schedule a demo with us.

We also have a number of videos going over these topics available in our List of Video Tutorials.

Getting Started

Apps Within Method

Although these are not all the packs available within Method, these are the most commonly used. If wish to find more information on a particular pack, please search our help center.

Contacts Management Pack

Sales Pipeline Pack

  • Opportunities App - Learn about opportunities and how it effects your sales pipeline.
  • Web to Lead App - Learn how to create web to lead forms to embed on your site to acquire leads.
  • Opportunity Reporting - Learn about the charts and reports you can view relating to your opportunities.

Sales Transactions Pack

Donor Management Pack

For Non-profit organizations, learn about the donor management and how to use the apps. 

  • Donations App - Learn about collecting donations within Method.
  • Donor Pages - Learn how to create forms to collect donations on your website.

Integrations with Method

These are some of the integrations we have with Method.


To learn about customization, we have a set of Missions you can follow through to get a better insight on how to customization works within Method:CRM.

  • Mission #1 - Create custom tables to hold custom data.
  • Mission #2 - Create the interface (look and feel) for your custom app.
  • Mission #3 - Add functionality to your custom app.


There are a number of other articles and sections to read through to learn more about Method:CRM.

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