What is an Activity?

The activity is the foundational interaction you have with your clients.

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An activity is a record of an interaction between you and another individual or organization.

It is easy to track your past customer interactions and future to-dos, whether that's a phone call, meeting, or email. These are categorized by activities as types.

Activities can also be assigned a status (e.g. not started, in progress, complete).

In the below image, we can see Sofia has two open activities through the App Ribbons panel when viewing her profile.

Activities are used throughout Method to keep track of communications between you and your customers, leads and vendors, and even interactions between your team. Logging each interaction creates a detailed history of communication that ensures details are never missed.

Follow-Up Activities

Activities can be created in response to previous activities, these are called Follow-Up activities. Doing so will relate activities to each other and help you keep track of the on-going interactions with your customer.

Below, we have an activity which is a follow-up of another activity.

The Previous Activity Comments helps us keep track of where we are in our interaction history with the customer.

To learn more about activities, please see our article About the Activities App.

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