The Send Email App lets you send emails directly from Method:CRM with the click of a button. This app works with other apps in Method:CRM to ensure notifications get to your customers in a timely and relevant manner. 

Each Method:CRM account allows up to 5000 emails per month to be sent out from our Method Email Server. This limit will reset on your billing period.

For the majority of Method:CRM accounts, it is recommended to stay with the default and use Method's email server, however, you can set up an external email server as well. 

You can also build and customize your own email templates, for internal use (e.g. notifications for employees) and external use (e.g. customer and lead outreach).

App Perks

  • Send emails and maintain interaction records automatically.

  • Create and use email templates for commonly-sent emails.

  • Use mail merge to pull information into emails automatically.

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