Editing User Settings

Editing a Method:CRM User

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Admin permission is required to edit users.

Every Method user has individual settings which an administrator can set after they have been added.

Navigating to the User List

  1. Click the upper-right Profile icon and then click Account Settings.

  2. Click Users.

  3. This screen shows all the active and invited users who can log into your Method account. Click the user you’d like to update. This brings up the Edit User screen for this user.

The next steps are divided into three sections.


  • Manage user permissions and subscriptions: See our article Managing user permissions.

  • User is active:

    • Active users can log in to Method and count towards the subscription cost.

    • Inactive users cannot log into Method and are not included in the subscription cost.

  • User Name: The display name used when assigned activities and other work. A user cannot change their own User Name; it can only be done through this Admin screen.

  • Link to QuickBooks Entity: Linking a Method user with a QuickBooks employee means you can assign customers and leads to that user. In QuickBooks Desktop, this is particularly helpful because it associates that Method user to a Sales Rep.

Email Notifications

  • Notification Email: Activity notifications for this user are sent to this email. If the user's sign-in email is DIFFERENT, the notifications are STILL sent to this email. Furthermore, this email will act as the From email address when sending emails where there is no fixed from email set in the template.

  • Create an email signature: Text box is for email signatures.

  • Use Company email settings: When sending an email, use the server as defined in the company settings (which is set up by the admin user). By unchecking this, the user can choose to use a completely different server. For more details on setting up email settings, see Specify Email Provider.

  • The Email reminders and SMS alerts remind users of activities assigned to them. If you check these boxes, the user will receive a notification 15 minutes before the activity is scheduled to begin. If you send SMS alerts, you must enter the user’s mobile phone number and service provider. Depending on their mobile plan, standard carrier rates may apply.

Account Permissions

  • User allowed to connect to Method API: turn this user’s access to Method’s API on and off. Connecting to Method’s API gives a user access to third-party applications like the Report Designer. If this user isn’t allowed to access the API, they won’t be able to use those applications.

  • Share All Records for grids: Allows the user to see records assigned to other users. For more information, see Restricting what users see.

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