Automatically sending a donor a thank you email and a link to their receipt is a great way to ensure no donor gets missed, continuing a positive relationship with everyone who supports your organization. The following steps will show you how to automate the email sent when a donation is made on your public page.

If you clicked Save & Next on the last setup step (Accept Donations), you are already on the correct screen. Otherwise, on the Donor Pages Setup screen, click Get Notified.

The Get Notified screen is broken into three sections:

  • Thank You Email Template

  • Donation Receipt Template

  • Internal Notifications for staff (which we cover in another article)

We will cover these sections below.

Thank You Email

  • By default, Method:Donor automatically sends a thank you email and an attached receipt. If you do not want this email to be sent automatically, uncheck the check box.

  • Thank You Email Template: choose a template to send to your donors. By default, a Method:Donor template is used. You can also create your own email templates in the Send Email App.

  • Thank You Email From: Select who is sending the email.

  • The email Subject and Body are auto-filled by the template you're using. You can make changes to both of these fields here, including mail merge in the body.

If you do choose to edit the body, do not change the View Donation button as pictured above. You can alter any of the text, but if this button is altered, it may not work.

Donation Receipt Template

Next, choose the template you wish to use for your donation receipt, which the donor can obtain by clicking the View Donation button in the email. 

Method:Donor includes a stock donation receipt, NP_DonationReceipt

You can create your own receipt templates using Method's Report Designer tool, but be aware this is an advanced tool not intended for beginners.

The next part of this screen deals with setting up your internal notifications for staff. Click here to continue to the next steps!

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