Sometimes an activity will need to be edited due to clerical errors or to update information. The following steps will show you how to edit an activity in the Method Activities App.

Note: It is best practice to not change the start date of an activity. If you would like to change the activity to have a different start date, close the activity and create a new one.

1. On the Method dashboard, click Due Now on your Activities App

Note: You can also click on an activity in your Calendar. If you do, skip to step 4. 

2. This opens your Activity List. Search the list manually for the activity you’d like to edit, or use the search function to locate it. 

3. Click the activity to open the Edit Activity screen, which displays all the information you input when you originally saved this activity. 

4. This screen has the same details as the New Activity screen. Change the information in any of the fields and schedule a follow-up in the same way you did on the New Activity screen. 

5. Click Save to save your changes.

The changes you've implemented will now be viewable by all users with access, wherever this activity appears. This includes the calendar and in any cases or opportunities linked to this activity.

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