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Using Method on a mobile device

Updated over a week ago

Method is mobile friendly and can be used within the browser without the need for a native app.ย 

However, we also provide native apps on Android and iTunes which you can download below.


Method Interface on Mobile

Method's interface is slightly different when using Method on mobile.

Profile Settings

At the top-right of the screen, you will find an icon with the initials of your Method User account or your picture (if you upload it). When selected, this will open up the profile menu:

The profile menu has three links:

  • User Profile: Allows you to change your password and other profile related settings.

  • Switch Account: If you have multiple accounts associated with your email, you can change to that account instead.

  • Sign Out

NOTE: You may have noticed you don't get all the same menu options as available on deskopt. Account Settings and Integrations can be found in the bottom main menu.

Bottom Main Menu

At the bottom of the screen is the main menu to navigate Method.

  • Add: the global add button allows you to create a brand new record of your apps (e.g. Contacts app). You can also add a new Method user with the add button.

  • Search: brings up the search panel to search for a specific contact.

  • Apps: fans out the top four apps to directly navigate to (as shown in the above image). The dashboard link is also available from here.

  • Help: brings up a panel to show you help links which may relate to the page you are on, a search bar to search our help center, as well as a link to open up chat with our customer success team.

  • More: brings up a panel that allows you to modify your account Settings and your third party Integrations.

    • Settings

      • Subscription

      • Users

      • Display

      • Communications

      • Notifications

      • Portal

      • Audit Trail

      • App Routines

      • Reports & Print Templates

    • Integrations

      • QuickBooks

      • Import & Export (Currently not supported on mobile)

      • Method:Sidebar for Gmail

      • Google Calendar

      • API

      • Payment Gateways

      • Authorization Codes

      • MailChimp

      • Outlook Gadget

      • Zapier


Can I be signed into Method on my desktop and the app at the same time?

Yes. Method will not sign you out of the desktop if you sign into the app and vice versa.

Am I able to use the mobile app on more than one mobile device at a time?

No. You may only have one active session within the mobile app. For example, you cannot be actively signed in on both your iPhone and iPad at the same time using the native app.

Will the app automatically sign me in when I open it?

Yes. The app will remember the account last used to sign in.

Will I be able to see my customizations within the Method app?

Yes. You will have access to the same views including any customized screens.

Will I be able to customize on the mobile app?

At this time, we recommend you use the desktop environment when customizing Method screens.

Does the mobile app offer the abililty to work offline?

The Method mobile app does not off the ability to work offline at this time.

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