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Sign in with SSO using Method Mobile
Sign in with SSO using Method Mobile

Single Sign-on on Method's Mobile App only allows for a Google sign in, so what about Intuit, Microsoft, or Xero?

Updated over a week ago

If you use the Method Mobile App when signing in to Method, you can use Single Sign-on (SSO) to log in via Google.

However, you may have noticed there isn't an option to sign in with either

  • Intuit

  • Xero

  • Microsoft

This isn't available at this time, but is coming soon to the mobile app.

In the meantime, to solve this problem, reset your password for the email you use to sign into Intuit, Xero, or Microsoft.

Reset your Password

  1. Click Forgot password? on the mobile app.

  2. Enter in the email you use for SSO, and click the Submit button.

  3. You will be sent directions on how to reset your password. Once reset, you can return back the Method Mobile App, and enter in your credentials with your email and password.

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