Send Mobile Push Action

An action to show a notification, only for Method's mobile app.

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The Send Mobile Push action is designed only for the Method Mobile app. It sends a push notification to the specified recipient's mobile device.


  • Mobile push notification is only available for those who use the Method Mobile App. It is not available for those using Method solely on the browser, whether it be on a desktop or mobile device.

  • To receive a notification, the user must be logged in to the Method Mobile App. It doesn't matter which Method account is being used, as long as the Method user is logged in.

  • To receive a notification, the user must enable Method App notifications. (This should be enabled by default, unless purposely turned off.)




RecordID of the Method user who will receive the notification (User must be found in the Users table).

Open this screen

The screen the receiver is directed to when they interact with the notification.

Specify Record ID (not shown)

If the screen requires a Screen Active Record ID to edit, you can specify it here.


The title of the Push Notification that pops up on the phone.


The text of the notification.


  • High: High priority wakes the phone from a sleep mode.

  • Default: Default priority will not wake the phone from sleep mode.


  • Enabled: Alert user with a sound.

  • Disabled: Do not alert user with sound.


In the above example, this action was added on the New / Edit Activity screen.

  • User: The user who will be notified will be the person who is assigned to the activity.

  • Open this screen: The screen which will be opened when the user selects the notification. In this case, it's the New / Edit Activity screen.

  • Specify Record ID: The current activity being viewed will be opened when the user selects the notifcation.

The notification will look similar to this:

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