Enabling Export On Grid

How to enable the export feature on grids.

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Grids offer an option to export data to a .csv file you can open in Excel. When enabled, a cloud export icon will appear beside the gear:

This is normally enabled by default, but some screens may have this this hidden. If this icon is not visible, you can enable it by following the steps below.

Customize a Grid to Show Export Icon

1. Go to the screen with the grid you want to show the export icon on. At the top of this screen, click the symbol by its title and select Customize Screen.

2. You may be prompted to view the screen as read-only, or to Create a new version. Create a new version.

3. In the screen designer find and select the grid. In the example below, we are customizing the Contacts List screen and selecting the ContactsGrid.

4. With the grid selected, go to the properties panel on the right. Uncheck Hide Export under the settings section.

5. Save the changes to your screen and close it.

The export option should now be enabled on your screen. 

Note: If you have other users who will need to see your changes, you may need to make your new version live.

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