All Method:CRM screens can be customized. 

However, any customizations done to a screen is usually in a private version so as not to affect other users who may be using the screen.

Once a customization is complete, the customizer will make their private version live so that all users will be able to see the new version. 

For more information on how versions work, see our article Screen Versions which goes into greater detail.

In this article, we will walk through how to make a version live so other users within your Method:CRM account can see the new screen.

Step 1 - Find your Screen

The first thing you will need to do is find your screen, and for that, you need to know the name of the screen and the app it's in.

For this article's example, I have made changes to the View Contact screen within the Contacts app. (What changes have been made are not the main focus of this article and will not be discussed.) 

1. In order to find the name, it will normally be in the tab of the web page you are viewing.

In the above example, the name of the screen is View Contact(2). The (2) signifies I made a copy of the original View Contact screen. 

2. To find this screen, we need to manage the app it was in. In our example, it is a screen in the Contacts app. Select the down arrow symbol () by the header title and select Manage.

3. This will take you to the Screens of the app. 

4. Scroll through all the screens until you find the name of the screen you have been customizing. In our example, we are looking for View Contact (2)

You will note that the original, stock View Contact screen in our example is being redirected to our new, copied, customized screen View Contact(2). This is usually the nature of copied stock screens

Step 2 - Set Version to Live

Once you have found the screen you are customizing in the App you are working on, you will need to set the version to live.

1. Select the vertical ellipsis () on the appropriate screen, and then select Versions from the menu. 

2. This will take you to all the versions there are for this screen. In the below example, you will see there is a current Live version, and also one Test version for the View Contact(2) screen. Note the Person Icon by Version 2? This indicates that I, as the current Method:CRM User logged in, am using this version as opposed to using the live version.

Every other user will be using and viewing Version 1, which is currently set to Live. If we want other users to see Version 2, we need to set Version 2 to Live.

3. To make my test version live, select Set Status on the test version (Version 2). 

4. This will take you to a completely separate page that allows you to set the status of the version. Select Live for All Users.

5. And now it's just a matter of clicking Save.

Once saved, the version you selected will be made Live and will be the version all users will see. It will also be the version you see, until you decide you want to see a different version. Note below that Version 2 is now live, and the person icon is not visible. This means I am now using the Live version. 

And you're done! This process is the same for any screen you customize. Just make sure you know the app and the screen name. 

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