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How to delete custom Apps created in Method

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Deleting an app is a permanent move in the Method environment that cannot be undone.

Furthermore, Method-designed stock apps (like Contacts and Activities) cannot be deleted. However, custom apps you’ve built can be deleted. 

How to Delete a Custom App

  1. Click the vertical ellipsis [ ] and then select Manage.

  2. Find and select the Delete option. This option will be greyed out if you do not have permissions to delete this app.

  3. Before you can delete the app, you will need to check each checkbox so you know the implications of deleting your app.

  4. Once all the checkboxes are checked, the Delete button becomes active.

  5. Once you click delete, it’s gone for good. If you want it back, you’ll have to rebuild it from scratch.

NOTE: In both cases, it’s important to note that the data associated with your app — the tables and fields — do not get removed. If, for example, you delete an app that uses information from the Contacts table, your Contacts are still saved in the table. Only the user interface, the app, gets deleted.

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