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How Method Apps share related information

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App ribbons are how Method Apps "talk" to one another – they display related information from a different app and serve as a shortcut directly to that information.

In the below example, all the records that are associated with Amy Ford are shown in tabs on the right.

You can find more app ribbons by clicking the More ▼ dropdown. Note the entry I added called Rewards. This is not a stock app, but was customized and added to the app ribbon to show a custom table of reward points collected by the contact.

Clicking Rewards would list out all of her rewards, and clicking on a reward would allow will take the Method user to the Rewards App, specifically to the reward they clicked. 

This is a perfect illustration of how app ribbons can leverage relationships between other apps, which helps streamline your Method experience and give you more control over the information you’re expressing in individual apps.

To illustrate how app ribbons work, we will go through the example displayed above.

How App Ribbons Work

In order for App Ribbons to function, a relationship must exist between the two base tables of the app. 

In the above Rewards example, there needs to be a relationship between the Contacts table and the Rewards table in order for rewards to appear in the Contact's app ribbon.

Specifically, the Rewards table must have a dropdown field from the Contacts table. Note in the below diagram, the Rewards table has a dropdown field called Contact which pulls from the Contacts Table.

To learn more about dropdowns and how they create relationships between tables, see Field Types.

To create and set up an App Ribbon for your own custom tables, see the article Set Up an App Ribbon.

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