About the Sales Rep App

Description of the Sales Rep app and perks.

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The Sales Rep app lets you assign the Sales Rep title to existing employees and vendors in QuickBooks Desktop.

This is a great way to keep track of who is generating income in what numbers, which gives you a more comprehensive picture of your income sources, interactions with customers, and business opportunities at every stage of your pipeline.

Note: The Sales Rep app is only available in QuickBooks Desktop. They are not available on Method accounts syncing to QuickBooks Online.

App perks:

  • Assign Sales Rep title to employees and vendors.

  • Streamline reporting by filtering sales rep transactions in QuickBooks Desktop.

What is a sales rep?

A sales representative (or sales rep for short) refers to an individual who does business on your behalf, whom you can assign to customers, leads, vendors, and transactions in Method.

Often, a sales rep is an employee of your company, but this is not always the case. Companies often partner with other businesses and contractors for outsourcing, reselling, and more. If your company does this, a sales rep might not be an employee of yours, but since they're representing you in business, you are likely interested in tracking their sales.

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