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Can I create a report listing leads or customers with their Sales Reps?
Can I create a report listing leads or customers with their Sales Reps?

How to sort your active customers or leads by Sales Reps assigned to them.

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Note: Sales Reps are available in QuickBooks Desktop only.

Although you could create a report to show your customers and leads with their associated Sales Reps, there is a way to show Sales Reps on the Contacts List screen. From there, you can export the grid as a CSV file to open in spreadsheet application such as Excel.

Show the Sales Rep Column

  1. Click the Contacts App.

  2. On the Contacts List screen, expand the filter view dropdown, and select the type of contacts you wish to view. In this example, we will choose all active shared contacts.

  3. Click the gear icon [] to open up the Settings dropdown for the grid. This will show all the Visible Columns on the grid.

  4. Scroll down through the Visible Columns and check the Sales Rep column.

  5. Click Update on the dropdown menu to apply it.

This will show the Sales Rep column on your grid.

Remove empty Sales Rep rows

If you don't want to include contacts with no Sales Reps, you can use the Advanced Search to filter them.

  1. Click the Advanced ▼ link in the Search bar.

  2. After the Advanced Search menu pops up, scroll down until you find Sales Rep. Click it to expand Sales Rep.

  3. When Sales Rep is expanded, click the ⊕ Add link.

  4. Now you can add a condition on what you want shown in the grid. If you wanted to specify a particular Sales Rep, you could type in the name under Value. However, we want to see all contacts who have a Sales Rep. Under Comparison, expand the dropdown menu.

  5. In the Comprison dropdown menu, select Is Not Empty. You don't need to add anything under Value.

  6. At the bottom of the Advanced Search dropdown, click Search.

Your Contacts List will now show only contacts who have a Sales Rep assigned to them.

Export list

Once you have a list you are happy with, you can export it to a CSV.

  1. Beside the search bar, click the cloud icon.

  2. In the dropdown, click Export to CSV.

  3. At the top of the screen, a notification will pop up where you can download the export by clicking the Download button. Alternatively, you can wait and it will be emailed to you.

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