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Can I see Screen changes in the Audit Trail?
Can I see Screen changes in the Audit Trail?

Using the App Management table to see changes to the screen in the Audit Trail.

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The Audit trail keeps track of the additions, modifications, and deletions that happen in your Method account.

If you wish to see changes done to a screen, you can view this using the App Management table.

NOTE: To view the Audit Trail, you will need Administrator permissions.

To view this table, change the Table name to App Management in your search criteria:

You will need to change which columns are visible so you can see the App name and the Screen name. Select the columns icon in the Logs grid, and check App name and Screen name.

Once you add the two columns, you will be able to see the screens that have been changed on your account. You can also search for specific screens using the search bar.

In the bottom example, starting at the bottom and looking at each row going up:

  • [Operation] = "Screen created": A new screen was created in the Invoices app, Invoice List(2). In this case, the Invoice List screen was customized, and a copy was created.

  • [Redirect To] "Invoice List(2)": The Invoice List is being redirected to Invoice List(2).

  • [Published version] ... [Version] = "2": On the second and third row, Invoice List(2) was published.

  • [Operation] = "Screen deleted": The Invoice List(2) screen has been deleted.

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