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Comparing the New and Classic Versions of Method
Comparing the New and Classic Versions of Method

This article is intended for users of our Classic version of Method.

Updated over a week ago

If you are currently on the Classic version of Method, you may want to try the current version of Method. It features a friendly updated user interface (UI) which was designed to be simple and uncluttered, with full support for mobile devices.

This article will outline the major differences between our classic version of Method and today's new version of Method.

Your Method Data

Before we start, it's important to understand your data remains the same regardless of which user interface you use. Even though this article mentions the classic version and new version of Method, these are simply two different views of the same account and same data. Changes to data in one version will also change the same data in the other version...since it's the exact same data.

Navigation & Updated UI

In the classic version, tabs are used to navigate and access the different areas of Method. The image below shows the classic version where you will see tabs for Home, Leads, Customers, Activities, Opportunities, etc.

With the new version, you will land on your Dashboard displaying various Apps as tiles. Where before you'd click on a tab to get to your data, now you click these App tiles. 

NOTE: Important to note that not all tabs from our classic version will translate to an individual App tile in our new version but many of them do.

New Features

In addition to the improved interface and navigation, the new version of Method offers features that our classic version does not. Some of these features are evident in the following areas:

Method Stock Apps

  • Improved workflows within out-of-box Method Apps (applies to various apps).

  • New feature to add custom filter views without customization.

  • New feature to export data from grids without customization.

  • Newly feature for attachments as a widget.

  • Implements QuickBooks Desktop Price Levels in transactions.

User Permissions

  • Easier to manage user permissions through a-la-carte style access to Method Apps.


  • Export data from grids without customization (also mentioned in stock apps).

  • New data import wizard for importing Leads and Customers.

  • Improved MailChimp integration.

  • Intuit QuickBooks Payments available as a Payment Gateway.

  • New Outlook Email Gadget.

  • New Method:Sidebar for Gmail integration.


  • Easier to customize Method with the new screen designer.

  • Enhanced Method action engine with action validation.

  • Screen "versions" so you can customize in a "test" scenario rather than live for all users.

  • Many more customization features

Missing Features

Users of our classic version should be aware of the following features that are not yet available in our new version. 

  1. No stock apps (out-of-box) available for the following customer transactions:

    • Credit Memos 

    • Statement Charges

  2. No stock apps (out-of-box) available for the following vendor transactions:

    • Credits

    • Checks

    • Item Receipts

    • Bill Payments

  3. No stock apps (out-of-box) available for the following lists:

    • Journal entries

    • Vehicle mileage (for QuickBooks Desktop)

  4. Campaigns has been replaced with Email Campaigns (different workflow).

  5. Document management completely separate from Classic documents.

  6. Permissions are handled differently (no roles).

  7. Third party apps in classic are not available:

    • You Rang

    • Aero

Price Difference

The pricing model between the classic and the new version is different. Our new version is priced on a model to be more flexible and focus on what the Method user needs to get their work done (based on a pack subscription) and allows for an a-la-carte style pricing model where pricing can be tailored for each user rather than take the classic approach to price all users equally at the account level. To learn more, see our Install Packs and Apps article.

  • The new version is priced at subscriptions (packs) per user / per month. 

  • Discounts available for accounts who opt-in for our annual Prepay Plan.

  • Our website offers more details on our pricing page.

If an account has requested access to log into and use both our classic and new version of Method for a single account (we call that a toggled account) the higher monthly price is applied.


Any customization within an account is only visible and accessible in the version it was created in. This means any customizations created in your classic account will not transfer over to the new version of Method and vice-versa.

Customization in the new version is very different with the improvements to our interface as well as the action engine that makes it all possible. It is possible to re-create similar customizations in our new version but that will require work (possibly paid) to do so.

Accessing The New Version

If you've never accessed our new version, contact us today to get started. Once you we enable this for your current classic account, you should notice a small change when you sign-in allowing you to "toggle" between the versions.

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