How do I publish a version?

If you customize a screen, you may want to make the version you are working on available for others to see.

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All Method screens can be customized. 

However, any customizations done to a screen is usually in a draft version so as not to affect other users who may be using the screen.

Once a customization is complete, the customizer will publish their draft version so that all users will be able to see the new version. 

For more information on how versions work, see our article Screen Versions which goes into greater detail.

In this article, we will walk through how to publish a version so other users within your Method account can see the new screen.

1. Navigate to the screen with your changes. For this example, I have made a copy of the List Contacts screen in the Contacts app and then made changes to it.

2. Because I have made changes to the screen, a notification appears that there is a draft version of the screen. If you have closed this notification, you can see it again by refreshing the screen. Click "click here".

3. The next screen gives you details about who is using the draft version, and any notes you may have saved for it. Click the Publish button to publish it.

4. It will prompt to confirm you wish to publish the screen. Click Publish again because you are confident and sure.

The draft version is now Published and this is version all users will see, including yourself.

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