Validate Controls on Screen Action

How to validate controls on screen in Method.

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An input field can have one or more validation rules applied to it. Below is an example of the rules that can be added to a text input object:

The action Validate Controls on Screen is used to check if a control obeys these rules. 

If the input for the control breaks a rule, this action will highlight the control in red, display what needs to be fixed, and all other actions below this action will be ignored. 

Example: Below, the Name field is required and the action was called to validate this field. Since the field was empty, it was outlined in red and text is displayed to show what the validation error was. Any other action after Validate Controls on Screen is ignored.




When you add the validate controls on screen action, you can choose to validate:

  • All controls: all controls on the screen will be validated.

  • Selected controls: a subset of the controls will be validated.

Select a control

This dropdown has a list of controls on the screen to select from.

Edit Validations (#)

Selecting this link will bring up the validation rules for the selected control. The number in brackets indicates how many validation rules there are for this control.

⊕ Add another control

Only appears if there are other controls with validation rules. It allows you to add another control to validate.

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