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SaaSphalt App Pack

Getting started with the SaaSphalt app package.

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This app is made by a 3rd Party developer.

SaaSphalt is the combination of the term SaaS (Software as a Service) and the word asphalt.

SaaSphalt is a software service dedicated towards improving the efficiency in the asphalt industry by streamlining the entire process from the point of first contact with the customer all the way to the time and material tracking after the job is done.

Using SaaSphalt you’ll be able to:

  • Manage your customers

  • Estimate jobs faster

  • Calculate costs more accurately

  • Customize your solution to your format

How does SaaS benefit me?

Users enjoy the benefits of cloud-based solutions allowing you to access your data any time, anywhere on any device without needing to install anything. After all, most asphalt is typically found outside the office. Your team will now have all the information they need to need to get the job done; the office manager can input a customer to be estimated on their office desktop, the estimator can receive this information on their tablet while in the field, and the work crew can be assigned another job via their mobile device all in real time.

How does SaaSphalt work?

Using SaaSphalt your data is synchronized with your QuickBooks account. After that you will be able to customize what we call “job formulas” using your own, already established, terminology and cost and apply those formulas to the jobs you already have. From SaaSphalt you can add new customers, monitor and track every step in the process for every customer, schedule work orders for each crew assigned, Email or print invoices, track your costs on a job by job basis, and much more!  And the best part of SaaSphalt, not only can you replace any other programs you might have because of our unique all-in-one format, but because of the QuickBook integration any changes you make from one are also made in the other, so you never have to worry about double-entry again!

Need more help

If you can not find an answer your looking for you can contact our the SaaSphalt support team to see if either our free support staff or paid consultants can help:

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