Within Method's stock screens, a lot of information is displayed, and it is a common request to remove information not applicable from the screen.

For example, in the below screenshot, all of the social media fields are not in use. If a company has no need for this information, they may decide on removing it from the view.

You could delete these fields from the screen, but there is a small problem: that field could be integral to an action. 

If the field is being used within an action, you will not be able to delete the field. You would need to go to the action which references the field, and alter the action. 

However, instead of deleting, you can hide it instead. You can hide fields, objects, and whole sections.

When you hide a control, actions will still be able to reference it, but it will not show up on the screen.

Hiding a control

1. Customize the screen with the control you wish to hide.

2. Select the control. This will display its properties on the right. Remember, you can also select whole sections and make them hidden as well.

3. Change the control's load state to Hidden.

4. Repeat as necessary to other controls on the screen. If the controls are all in one section, consider hiding that whole section.

5. Save the screen.

The controls will no longer show up on the screen!

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