Load State

When a Method user opens up a new screen, the controls on the screen can be set to an initial state

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Almost every control has a property called Load State which you can find by selecting the control and view it in the Properties Panel.

A control's Load state refers to its initial state when the screen first loads (a Method user navigates to the screen or refreshes it). This field will allow you to set its default load state.

There are three states the control can be in:

Load State



The control is visible on the screen and a user can interact with it.


The control is visible, however it is greyed out and a user cannot interact with it. "Greyed out" is a term used when the control looks faded.


The control is invisible to the user.

Below is an example of a button showing two states: Regular and Disabled. Obviously, you cannot see a button which is set to hidden.

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