Is My Information Safe?

Yes. Yes it is.

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Is Method reliable, secure, and confidential? 

Is your data safe? 

Learn how your data is stored, how it is protected, how it is transmitted between QuickBooks and the hosted server, as well as how you can password-protect specific areas of Method by setting up user-level permissions.

Information Gathering & Storage

Data is backed up daily and written to a second backup hard drive instantly (using “RAID” technology). We can perform full backup recovery to a specific day in the previous 14 day period in the event of a system-wide emergency, or individual company account recovery in the case of isolated data loss. Our hardware is also fully redundant so even if one disk or server fails nothing should be lost and the system should not go down. Our uptime is well over 99%.

Where is the data hosted?

We take all reasonable precautions to keep your information safe and secure. Our state-of-the-art redundant server cluster is hosted and professionally managed by Amazon Web Services, a recognized leader in high-end hosting.

How is data transmitted to and from QuickBooks?

Your QuickBooks data is transferred back and forth from the hosted server using secure 256-bit SSL encryption. If you are using QuickBooks Desktop (Pro, Premier and Enterprise), the Method Integration Engine sits on your desktop computer and communicates with QuickBooks using the QuickBooks SDK (Software Development Kit), and with the hosted database using ‘Web Services” connected over an encrypted path. Therefore, any data transmitted is encrypted, and secure.

If you are using QuickBooks Online, syncing occurs using SSL encryption directly between Method:CRM's server and Intuit's data center.

Which Method screens are secure?

All pages are secured using SSL.

How do I set up user-level permissions?

For Method or for Method:Donor: visit here.

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