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Managing User App Permissions
Managing User App Permissions

How to give and remove access to apps.

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Admin permission is required to manage users.

User permissions determine which apps and packs users can access, and what they're allowed to do with them. These permissions are assigned for two reasons:

  • Simplicity: If your user doesn't need access to certain apps or packs, there's no need for them to be displayed! Removing access to an app means it will not appear on the user's dashboard.

  • Security: Not every Method user needs access to your entire Method account. Permissions allow you to limit a user's access to sensitive information like accounting.

For more information on apps and packs, please see What are apps and packs?

For a more detailed exploration on permissions and all the types of permissions available in Method, please see Permissions And Rights.

Navigate to Manage User Permissions

To open the Manage User Permissions screen:

  1. Click the upper-right user profile icon and then click Account Settings.

  2. Click Users.

  3. Select the user you wish to manage and click on their name.

  4. Click Manage User Permissions & Subscriptions.

Global Permissions

There are several levels of permissions you can grant a Method:CRM user. The first two options pertain to permissions that will apply to every app and pack the user has access to.

  • Give full Administrator permissions:

    • User will be able to add or modify other user's permissions.

    • User will be able to make changes to subscriptions that affect pricing.

    • User can customize screens within all apps they have access to.

    • User can access the manage link in the contextual menu on the app.

  • Give full Customizer permissions:

    • User can customize screens within all apps they have access to.

Pack and App Permissions

You can also control which packs and apps the user can access:

  1. On the list of packs, find the pack you wish to grant access to

  2. Click expand to see the apps inside the pack

  3. Click the checkbox next to the pack name to give the user access to all the apps in the pack

In the below example, we are giving the user access to all the apps in the Sales Transactions Pack (not all apps shown).

For more information on what each permission means, please see Permission and Rights.

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