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Can Method Restore My QuickBooks Desktop file?
Can Method Restore My QuickBooks Desktop file?

Method should not be used to backup your QuickBooks Desktop file.

Updated over a week ago

Method should not be used to backup or restore your QuickBooks Desktop file. QuickBooks has the ability to create backups and you should take advantage of this service. 

Method will work with a QuickBooks backup file in case your original QuickBooks file is damaged. However, new records added to Method since your last QuickBooks backup will not automatically sync over.

Having said that, some of the records stored in Method can be sent back to QuickBooks as new records. To understand this, you will need to know about ListID and TxnID.

ListID and TxnID

For each record in Method that syncs with QuickBooks, a ListID (or TxnID for transactions) is given to Method from QuickBooks that uniquely identifies each record. After the initial sync of the record (either from Method to QuickBooks or QuickBooks to Method), all subsequent updates will use this ID to locate the record in QuickBooks. 

If this ListID/TxnID does not exist in QuickBooks, then Method will archive the record from view, but it will remain in the Method database.

Using QuickBooks Backup File 

If you sync a backup QuickBooks file from a previous day, all records from that backup date to the current date that have synced will be archived and hidden from view in your Method account. 


Because Method has a ListID/TxnID for those previously synced records and the ListID/TxnID no longer exist in the restored backup.

Method will not attempt to add the record; it will be archived.

In order to restore these records, you will need to erase the ListID/TxnID within Method. This will essentially send the record to QuickBooks as a new record and get a new ListID/TxnID

For every missing record in Method and not in the QuickBooks backup file, you will need to erase its ListID/TxnID. This can be very time consuming, and may result in consulting charges.

Also note that QuickBooks may not even allow a third party application (like Method) to add certain records. So even though Method has archived a record, QuickBooks will not allow it to be restored, and it will likely end up in conflicts. 

Such records can only be added or adjusted within QuickBooks itself.

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