There might be scenarios where your data is not syncing between QuickBooks Desktop and Method. This may be due to minor or major corruption in the QuickBooks file. It is recommended to run the QuickBooks Utilities to Verify and Rebuild your data.

Some scenarios where this might be helpful are:

  • Sync Engine getting stuck on a certain table.

  • Sync Engine is taking longer than usual time to sync.

  • QuickBooks crashing or freezing.

  • Getting (temp) listID’s instead of List Names. (Example below)

QuickBooks Verify and Rebuild tools find the most common data issues in a company file and fixes them.

How to verify your company file data

Before you rebuild your company file, use the verify tool in QuickBooks Desktop to scan your company file for errors or data damage.

  1. Select File, then select Utilities.

  2. Select Verify Data, then select OK to close all windows. If you see “Your data has failed the integrity check” you need to rebuild your file. If there are no problems with your data, you’re done.

How to rebuild your company file data

Once you’ve verified your data, you can rebuild your company file to fix any errors or data damage that’s found.

  1. Select File, then select Utilities.

  2. Select Rebuild Data, then select OK to close all windows.

  3. QuickBooks will ask to make a backup before rebuilding your company file, select OK and follow through with the backup process. If you don’t want to do a backup, select Cancel to continue rebuilding your company file.

  4. Once the rebuild’s finished, select OK.

To make sure your file is free of errors or data damage, verify your company file again. If you still have errors or damage, rebuild the file again.

How to manually correct errors

If you’re comfortable fixing errors manually, you can see each error message listed in the Verify Results window along with the steps to fix it.

If you’re not comfortable manually fixing those errors then please speak to QuickBooks support for further guidance.

Before you get started, make sure to backup your company file.

Note: If you are repeatedly needing to repair your QuickBooks file, to the point where you are looking to start a new fresh QuickBooks file, please talk to us about best practices beforehand so that we can assist in making sure your Method account is taken into consideration.

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