Mission 2 - 1: Create Custom App
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In Mission 1, you created a table to store data about cars. 

However, there isn't an interface for a user to enter or view data in this table. The rest of the missions will detail how to create this user interface. 

Mission 2's focus will guide you through the process of setting up screens and how each screen looks, however, none of the elements will be interactive. In other words, if we put a button on the screen, the button will not work yet. 

Mission 3 is where you will add the ability for the user to interact with the individual elements on the screen.

Create a new app

1. At the bottom of the dashboard, click the dashed box called Add / Remove Apps.

2. Under Available Packs, select the dashed box called Create Custom App.

3. First, you’ll be prompted to choose an App Icon to associate with your app.  Pick one that matches the kind of app you’re making (we’ll choose the Cab icon because it's a car).

4. Next, it’s time to pick an App Name. Choose a name that describes what function the app performs. For those following our missions in order, we’ll use “Cars".

5. Your Starting Screen is the screen that will open when you select your app. No screens exist yet, so it will create a completely blank screen with the name entered here. Call the starting screen “New Car”.

6. Now choose the Base Table for your app. You could choose any base table for this, but if you are following along with the missions, choose the Cars table you created in Mission 1.

7. Your screen should look similar to what is pictured below.

8. When you are ready, click Create.

Coming up next...

Once you hit create, you will be taken to the App Management page for your brand-new custom app! The app doesn’t actually do anything, but we’ve definitely broken ground.

As you can see, your app now has one screen (New Car). The star indicates it's the landing screen for the app. In the next mission, we will customize this screen to take input to enter in a car into the cars table.

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