The Portal's Sign In configuration page allows you to set up the URL and the look of the portal for your customers. 

  • Portal Status - Set your portal to either Online or Offline. When set to offline, the link will inform the user the portal is inactive.
  • Portal URL - Configure the URL for your portal. If the portal name is in use, you will be informed when you try to save. Click the copy link to copy the portal URL to your clipboard.
  • Portal Embed - If you want to embed the portal on your site, a normal iframe will not work because some browsers (such as Safari) restrict 3rd party cookies to be downloaded. The script shown will allow you to embed your portal on your site.
  • Company Name - The text here will show in the header of the portal. 
  • Portal Contact Email Address - Set an email the user can click to contact you. 
  • Portal Logo - This logo appears in the portal as well as the sign in page.
  • Show on Sign In Page - Show or not show logo on the sign in page.
  • Show on Portal Header - Show or not show logo on the portal header.

Once you Save, you and your customers are now ready to use the new sign in for the portal! 

Note: In order for your customer to log in, they must exist in your Method:CRM account with an email.

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