NOTE: This action is currently in Beta. It will only be available if you have the new payment gateway process enabled on your account. 

The Process Payment Action launches our new PCI Compliant Payment Popup to allow you or your customer to make a payment with Credit Card or ACH (only on Authorize.NET for now).

There are two types of actions you can select for this:

  • Charge - Processes a payment for the selected amount.
  • Pre-Authorization - Save payment details for future use (processes a $1 dollar hold to verify the CC/Account).

This article will discuss the Pre-Authorization action.


This allows the user to enter payment details for the purpose of changing the customer's information. 

It will process a dollar to the account to verify the connection works.

  • Entity RecordID to Save Details - The Record ID of the Entity (customer/vendor) whose payment details you wish to save.
  • Amount - This is automatically set to a dollar and cannot be changed. You can select the currency type. 

The payment gateway will return values after trying to process authorization. 

  • Gateway Response - The message returned after the gateway has processed the request.
  • Processed Successfully - A True or False value depending on whether the process was successful.
  • Reference Number - A reference number is only provided during a successful transaction.

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