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Process Payment Action — Pre-Authorization
Process Payment Action — Pre-Authorization

Selecting Pre-Authorization for the Process Payment Action

Updated over a week ago

When you select Pre-Authorization in the Process Payment Action, the user will enter their payment details. 

Note: Pre-authorization is only available for Credit Card. It is not available for ACH nor for eCheck.

To verify the connection works and the payment details are correct, the gateway will process a dollar to the account.

  • Entity RecordID to Save Details - The Record ID of the Entity (customer/vendor) whose payment details you wish to save.

  • Amount - This is automatically set to a dollar and cannot be changed. You can select the currency type. 

The payment gateway will return values after trying to process authorization. 

  • Gateway Response - The result of the request. Responses include, but not limited to, Success, Failed, and Pending.

  • Successful (True/False) - A True or False value depending on whether the process was successful.

  • Reference Number - Payment transactions reference number provided by the gateway. Only provided after a successful transaction.

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