The Process Payment Action launches our new PCI Compliant Payments pop-up to allow you or your customer to make a payment with Credit Card or ACH.

There are two types of actions you can select for this:

  • Charge - Processes a payment for the selected amount.

  • Pre-Authorization - Save payment details for future use (processes a $1 dollar hold to verify the CC/Account).

This article will discuss the Pre-Authorization action.


This allows the user to enter payment details for the purpose of changing the customer's information. 

It will process a dollar to the account to verify the connection works.

  • Entity RecordID to Save Details - The Record ID of the Entity (customer/vendor) whose payment details you wish to save.

  • Amount - This is automatically set to a dollar and cannot be changed. You can select the currency type. 

The payment gateway will return values after trying to process authorization. 

  • Gateway Response - The message returned after the gateway has processed the request.

  • Processed Successfully - A True or False value depending on whether the process was successful.

  • Reference Number - A reference number is only provided during a successful transaction.

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