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Saving and Managing Credit Card Information
Saving and Managing Credit Card Information

How to process a payment and save payment information

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When making a payment in the Payments app, you can choose to "Process with Payment Gateway when saving": 

When processing the payment, you have the option to:

  • Enter a customer's credit card payment and save them for later or

  • Use a previously stored credit card of that customer

NOTE: Method does not store credit card information. The payment details are handled by the payment gateway.

How to Save Credit Card Information

When entering Credit Card or ACH information for a customer's payment, a checkbox allowing you to 'Save Payment Details' will appear.

If checked and the payment is successful, the credit card will be available for later use.

NOTE: If your payment gateway is Paypal Payflow Pro, you will need to have the checkbox "Enable reference transactions" checked when you first set up this gateway. Otherwise, the option to save payment details will not show.

How to Use a Previously Saved Credit Card

When processing a payment for a customer with saved payment details, you will have the option to use the saved card. You also have the option to add multiple cards for the customer with the Add button.

How to Delete a Saved Credit Card 

Deleting unwanted or expired payment details is also handled through the Payments pop-up.

To delete, click on the trash can icon on the right side.


Q: What happens when I change payment gateways?

Our system does not store credit card information, as the payment gateway handles this. Therefore, if you change the payment gateway, your customer's credit card information will not be saved and they will need to enter it again.

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