Complete a Work Order in the Field

How to complete a work order on a mobile device (without Tracking Time)

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If your team isn't tracking time and has finished a work order, you can complete it from the Field Crew app. 

NOTE: The following workflow are for those who are not tracking time with their work orders. If you are tracking time, please see the article Track Time on Work Orders.

Workflow to Complete a Work Order

For more information on the work order screen, please see the article "View a Work Order in the Field".

  1. When the Status is "Not Started", click Start to begin the work order.

  2. This will change the Status of the work order into "In Progress" and the Start button becomes disabled. To finish the work order, click the Mark as Completed button.

  3. The Status of the work order changes to "Completed", and the Start button is no longer disabled.

Your work order is now complete. If you click the Start button again, the work order will be moved to "In Progress".

At this point, you can also get a signature from your client by clicking Capture Live Signature.

NOTE: If the work order does not go as planned, make sure to leave a Field Crew Note for your dispatcher. Still mark it as Completed to see it drop off from 'My Open Work Orders' list of the day.

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