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How to sign in to Method with Microsoft credentials.

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If you have an existing Microsoft personal account, or you are an enterprise who use Microsoft Work or school accounts powered by Azure Active Directory, you can use those credentials to sign into Method. Plus, if you have multiple Method accounts, the same Microsoft ID can be used to log into all of them.

Furthermore, it is secure. When you sign in with your Microsoft Account, you are entering your Microsoft password on Microsoft's servers. Microsoft never shares your password with Method, and Method never shares your Method password with Microsoft.

Signing in with a Microsoft ID

  1. First, go to Method's sign-in page and click Sign In with Microsoft.

  2. Enter the email and password you use to sign into Microsoft.

  3. It will prompt you to Stay signed in. Respond appropriately.

  4. It ask if you will Let the app (Method) access your info. Click Yes.

  5. Enter in your Method login email address and password. This is the email address you use to sign into Method and not your Microsoft password, nor your QuickBooks password.

  6. Click Link & Sign in.

  • If you have more than one Method account, you’ll be prompted to choose which one you want to sign into.

  • If you have only one Method account, you'll go straight to your dashboard.

And that’s it! From this point forward you can simply click “Sign in with Microsoft” from our sign-in page, and you’ll be automatically signed into Method with your Microsoft credentials.

Disconnecting your Microsoft account

If you're already signed into a Microsoft account while following the steps above, Method will attempt to automatically associate itself with the currently active account.

If you prefer to associate a different account, you can disconnect this account and then follow the steps above to reconnect the account of your choice. Here's how to disconnect.

  1. In Method, click the Profile icon in the upper right hand corner and select User Profile.

  2. Click the Connections Tab and then next to Microsoft, click Disconnect.

And that's it! You're disconnected! You can now follow the steps above to reconnect the account of your choice.

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