Dashboard Insights

View metrics and customize your own on the dashboard.

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The Dashboard offers two views: one where you can see all your apps, and another where you can configure graphs and lists called "screenlets" to show you up-to-date metrics of your data.

This is accessible selecting the Insights tab underneath the Dashboard title:

How to Create a Dashboard

If you haven't created a dashboard yet, the Insights tab will give you the choice to either:

  • Add dashboard - Add a dashboard from a template where default screenlets will be preloaded.

  • Create dashboard - Create your own custom dashboard, choosing from a Screenlets gallery.

If you are currently viewing an existing dashboard, you can bring this screen up by clicking the [ ] down arrow and selecting + New Dashboard as shown in the image below:

As you may have noticed from the above image, you are able to have multiple dashboards. In the above image, we have two dashboards: "My Sales Board" and "Opportunities Dashboard".

How to Change Dashboard Layout

Each dashboard allows you to configure where a screenlet sits, and how much space the screenlet takes.

To change the layout, click the vertical ellipsis [] and click Change Layout.

This will change the dashboard into a state where you can click and drag screenlets around. A grid will appear to help guide you where to drag screenlets into.

The first row is reserved for specific screenlets called Metric Tiles. They are smaller screenlets which cannot be resized and have minimal information in them.

The rest of the screenlets can be resized by the two symbols in the upper left corner:

  • Resize Horizontally - The first symbol allows you to expand the screenlet to cover one square, two squares, or four squares horizontally.

  • Resize Vertically - The second symbol allows you to expand the screenlet to cover one or two squares vertically.

When you are satisfied with your changes, click the "Apply Changes" button to commit the changes to your layout.

How to Add a Screenlet

To add a screenlet from the Screenlets gallery, click the vertical ellipsis [] and click Add Screenlet.

This will open up the Screenlets gallery, where you can search for an appropriate screenlet.

At this time, you can choose between the following types of screenlets:

  • List - Data displayed as a list of records

  • Chart - Data displayed in a graph

  • Metric - A screenlet tile that can only go in the metric tile section of the layout

To add a screenlet, click the Add button and it will be add at the bottom of the dashboard.

To remove a screenlet, this must be done from the dashboard itself. Click the vertical ellipsis [] and select Remove.

How to Manage Permissions

To manage the permissions of a dashboard, you must first be viewing the dashboard. Click the vertical ellipsis [] and click Manage.

This will allow you to change the name of the dashboard, as well as set who has access to view the dashboard.

Only me and Everyone should be self-explanatory. If you click Custom, a dropdown menu appears where you can select which users in your Method account will have access to the dashboard.

To remove access, select the Access tab beside Details. You will get a list of all the users who currently have access to the dashboard. Click Remove access to remove the permission for that user.

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