Reorder previously purchased items

One-click reorders within the customer portal.

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Within the customer portal, your customers can create an order request for previous purchased items. Any item is reorderable if it has been included on any paid invoice or sales receipt.

Once a reorder is requested from your customer, an opportunity is immediately created and you will get a notification in your email inbox to approve or reject it within the Opportunities App.

NOTE: In order to use the Reorder feature, it must be enabled in the Opportunities App preferences.

Customer Creates an Order Request

Within their customer portal, a customer can initiate a request by clicking Create Order Request which is available on the Home screen.

This will take the customer to an Order Request screen. Here, they can add items to the order from what they have previously purchased.

Once they add the items and the quantity, they can click Submit Order Request, and they will get a confirmation box that their order was sent successfully.

NOTE: If the item does not appear, or you cannot add an item, then the item itself needs to be enabled for reorder in the Items app.

The status on their Order Request will change to Pending,

Customer Views Pending Order Requests

At any point in time, a customer can come back to their customer portal, and view their pending order requests. This can be initiated by clicking Pending Order Requests.

This will take them to a screen where they can view a list of their order requests. Clicking an order in the grid will take them directly to their order.

Note that the customer can also search and filter the list of orders by their status.

Customer Views Previously Ordered Requests

Although a customer can create an order request straight from their home page, there is another way to submit a reorder, and this is from the Previously Ordered section when looking at the Pending Orders screen.

The Previously Ordered section will show a list of all the items they have ordered. A customer can select the items from this list and from there click Create Order Request.

Method User Approves Reorder

Once the reorder is entered in by the customer, a Method User will receive a notification email, and find the order within their Opportunities App.

Selecting it will take you to the Opportunity itself. At the bottom of the screen, you will find a list of Items they are requesting, as well a button option to create a transaction (Estimate, Sales Order, Invoice, Sales Receipt) from this Opportunity.

Once you select a transaction to create, you will create the transaction as you normally would within Method and the reorder process is complete. This transaction will be associated with the Reorder Opportunity.

Once a transaction is created, email your customer via the invoice so your customer will be informed the reorder was approved.

They can return to their portal and be able to see the newly created transaction in their list of transactions.

Method User Rejects Reorder

When the reorder is entered in by the customer, a Method User will receive a notification email and find the order within their Opportunities App as described in the previous section.

If, after viewing the Opportunity, you wish to reject the reorder, you will need to set the Stage to Closed Lost.

This will send out a rejection notification to the user.

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