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Description of the Group Item Type

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This item type allows you to quickly add a group of items rather than adding them individually. This means the group of items is expressed as a single item on your line item grid when you select this item from the drop down list. Keep in mind, this list can't be altered within the line item grid of, for example, an invoice, so it's a good idea to create group items for recurring orders you know won't change.

Note: This item is available in QuickBooks Desktop only.

Adding a Group Item

Managing items requires the Items app. If you do not see the Items app, you will need to get access permission for this app from your administrator. The Items app is found in the Accounting Lists Pack.

  1. Click ⊕ New on the Items App, or ⊕ New Item on the Items List screen.

  2. Select Group from the list.

  3. When you select Group, you'll be taken to the New Item Screen. The fields are described below.

    • Item Name/Number* (Required): Identify the item group by name or by number.

    • Description: Include a brief description of the group item.

    • Print Items in Group: This will print the child items on transaction PDF templates.

    • Available for reorders: Allow your customer to reorder this item. (Not visible unless Reorders are enabled in the Opportunities App preferences).

Because you’re referring to a group of items rather than an individual item, there is a List at the bottom of the screen that details which items are included in the group.  

Adding a Child Item to a Group Item

  1. You can add new items to this group by clicking ⊕ Add Item.

  2. This will take you to a new screen, Group or Assembly Item.

  3. Select an Item Name in the dropdown, and choose a Quantity.

  4. Click Save & New to add further items, and Save & Back when you are complete.

When you have added your individual items to the group item, the individual items you added will only be displayed within the group item itself.

However, when viewing the Group Item on the main List Items screen or a transaction screen, the Group item (containing these individual items) will be displayed as a single record:

Group Item FAQ

  • Question: Why is the Rate and Amount field set to zero? Why can't it show the amount for the entire grouped item?
    Answer: QuickBooks does not allow it to display anything other than zero. Even if altered through customization, QuickBooks will revert it back to zero after the transaction syncs. Printable transaction PDFs will show the proper Rate and Amount, but not on the New / Edit screens nor in the Customer Portal.

  • Question: Why do the child items appear on my transaction PDFs? Can they be hidden?
    Answer: There is a flag called "Print Items In Group". If this is checked, this will hide the child items on PDFs.

  • Question: Why do the child items appear in the Customer Portal? Can they be hidden?
    Answer: There is no out-of-the-box option to hide child items in the Customer Portal. Hiding child items will require customization.

  • Question: I have selected a grouped item but don't see the child items in the transaction. Why?
    Answer: You need to click Save. Once you click Save, the child items will then appear.

  • Question: Once I've add a group to a transaction, can I want to add an item to the group, or adjust the Qty of a child item in the group?
    Answer: This cannot be done. You can only increase/decrease the Qty for the Group Item as a whole

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