Communications: View sent SMS

View sent SMS details in Method

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Admin permission is required to access the Subscription settings.

You can view the sent SMS from your Method account and track if their delivery was successful.

Navigate to Communication Preferences

To view your sent emails, you will find it in your communication activities.

  1. Click your Profile icon in the upper-right and then click Account Settings.

  2. Select Communication.

  3. To see your emails sent, click SMS in the Activity section.

SMS Sent

The SMS Sent screen will list out all the SMS sent out.

  • Date delivered - Date SMS was sent

  • Delivery type - Type of delivery

  • Recipient, Sender - Standard information regarding SMS.

  • Subject line - Text of SMS sent

  • User - The Method user associated to the SMS.

  • Status - At this time, these are the statuses available:

    • Processing: Processing to be sent out.

    • Queued: Added to SMS queue.

    • Sent: Nearest upstream carrier accepted the SMS.

    • Delivered: Received by recipient.

    • Undelivered: SMS was not delivered. This can happen for many reasons, including carrier content filtering and the availability of recipient.

    • Failed: SMS failed to send. This can happen for many reasons, includign quque overflow, account suspensions, and media errors.

Retrying to send failed SMS

Clicking on the Retry failed messages button will ask if you wish to retry sending failed SMS from

  • the last 7 days

  • the last 14 days

Before doing this, make sure you have fixed the reason for the SMS failures.

Detailed views of SMS

Clicking on a row within the grid will bring up a detailed view of the SMS.

On this screen, you will be able to find:

  • ID: ID of the message.

  • To: The number the SMS is sent to.

  • From: This will show Method.

  • Status: The final status for the SMS.

  • User: The Method user that sent the SMS.

  • Delivery Server: This will show Method.

  • Events: A grid showing status flow for the SMS

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