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Add DNS Records to a Cloudflare Custom Domain
Add DNS Records to a Cloudflare Custom Domain

How to add DNS Records to a Cloudflare Custom Domain

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Authenticating your domain involves publishing DNS records (CNAME) that establish your domain reputation to ensure optimal email deliverability.

NOTE: Adding new records as part of the domain authentication process will not impact your existing DNS settings. You are not going to change or modify existing records.

Once you have added your domain with Method, you will be given three DNS records to add to your domain in Cloudflare.

Log into Cloudflare

  1. Log into Cloudflare.

  2. If you have more than one domain, select the domain you want to authenticate.

  3. Select Records from within the DNS menu in the left-sidebar.

  4. In the DNS management section, you'll see a table listing any existing DNS records for your domain. To add a new record, look for the "Add Record" button. This allows you to add new DNS records.

You will add three CNAME records.

Add CNAME Records

  1. Click Add Record. This will show

  2. For the first record, choose CNAME from the Type dropdown.

  3. From Method, copy CNAME Host.

  4. In Cloudflare, paste what you copied into the Name field.

  5. From Method, copy Data.

  6. In Cloudflare, paste into the Target field.

  7. For Proxy Status, change to DNS Only.

  8. Leave TTL as Auto.

  9. With everything added, your new record should look similar to this:

  10. Click Save to save the new DNS record.

  11. Now do the same with the other two CNAME records. Once all three are added, your records should look similar to this:

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