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How do I send out an email that’s not from
How do I send out an email that’s not from

What to do if you want your sent emails to have a From address of your own email.

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Due to compliance standards, all emails sent via Method Servers will be sent as Method users can designate an email address to receive replies if a client replies back to an email from Method.

You can set up Method to remove the reply-to header while still sending through Method Servers, but the configuration is dependent on whether or not you have your own custom domain.

How to send from a personalized address if you have a domain

If you want to send emails via Method’s mail servers but from your own personalized email addresses (e.g., you can do that by authenticating your domain.

Authenticating your domain involves publishing DNS records (DKIM, SPF, and DMARC) that establish your domain reputation. This is necessary to avoid major deliverability issues. Authentication is mandatory for all sending domains on both Gmail and Yahoo, and requirements will differ depending on your DNS provider. Adding new records as part of the domain authentication process will not impact your existing DNS settings.

What if I want to send from my personal address that’s Gmail / Outlook / Yahoo / Etc?

If you don’t have your own custom domain, but want to send an email from your personal email (e.g., you will need to change the mail server configuration in your Method account.

This is dependent on which email service provider you use:

Another option is to purchase a new domain and have it authenticated as mentioned in the previous section.

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