Show Terms & Conditions on your Portal

Show Terms & Conditions before a customer approves an Estimate.

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When your client uses the portal, you may want to show the Terms & Conditions (T&C) before they approve an estimate.

This article will have you customize the portal to show the T&C for an estimate approval. Of course, Estimate Approvals will need to be enabled in order for this to work.

NOTE: Creating an app requires customizer permissions, and requires a basic knowledge of customization. It is recommended to have some familiarity with it.

Create T&C as an Email Template

The easiest way to store your T&C will be as an Email Template. Even though it isn't an email template, it is a handy place to edit and store text where you can apply formatting and style.

  1. On the bottom right of the Send Email app, click Edit Templates.

  2. Click โŠ• New Email Template.

  3. Fill in necessary fields:

    • Name: "T&C"

    • Subject: "Terms & Conditions"

    • Body: Fill in with your text for your Terms & Conditions.

  4. Click Save & Back to save your T&C.

If you plan on creating a number of documents, you could create a new Category for them. For now, remember what you named your T&C, because you will need the name when customizing.

Create a Copy of the Estimate Portal Screen

  1. Return to Method's dashboard, and click the vertical ellipsis [] on the Estimates App. Select Manage.

  2. This will show you all the screens you customize in the Estimates app. Scroll down until you find the Guest - View Estimate screen. Click Customize.

  3. Every portal screen is a Published version and cannot be altered because your customers may be using it right now. Click the Edit button to create a copy.

  4. You will be prompted to create a copy of the screen. Click the Create copy button.

With the new copy, we can now customize the Estimates Portal screen.

NOTE: Get into the habit of periodically Saving when customizing this app. You will not be prompted to save while going through these instructions.

Create a Place for the T&C on the Screen

In this example, we will show the T&C to the left of the total in the Estimate footer.

  1. Scroll down until you find the section SectionEstimateFooter.

  2. Click the + icon above the properties panel on the right to Insert Controls.

  3. From Containers, drag in a brand new Section into the first column of SectionEstimateFooter. Drag it above SectionCustomerMessage, (but it will appear below it).

  4. Select Section1, but CLICK THE GREY AREA. A section is like a table, where you can add rows and columns, so if you click inside on the white area, you will only select the individual cell. Clicking the grey area header selects the whole section.

  5. On the properties panel on the right, change the Caption to SectioT&C. This helps with identifying sections.

  6. Again, above the propertis panel, click the + icon to Insert Controls.

  7. Scroll down until you find the Text object []. Click and drag that into SectionNav.

  8. Click this new Text object you dragged in to select it. On the right, change its Text to textTerms&Conditions.

  9. While we're here, the column holding the T&C is a bit thin. Let's have it take up the whole space. Right-click the second column of SectionEstimateFooter, click Column, and then click Delete.

  10. There's still an empty column left, so delete this one as well.

  11. Now select the first column.

  12. In its properties panel, change its width "75" percent. Make sure the % is selected.

We now have a place to show our T&C, however, the data still needs to be pulled from the Emails Template and placed into the Text control you created.

Retrieve T&C Text

  1. Click thepage icon above the properties panel on the right to show the Screen Properties.

  2. Scroll down, and expand Actions. This will show the events for the screen. Click the Load event.

  3. This brings up Actions Set where you can add actions on what happens when someone first navigates to this screen. On the right, search for Retrieve Values From Table and select it to add a new action.

  4. Now to pull in your T&C from the Emails Template table. For Select a table, select EmailTemplate from the dropdown.

  5. Click Open criteria builder to open up the criteria builder.

  6. Click โŠ• Add a condition.

  7. Now set up how we will find the T&C template we created. For the first dropdown, select Name. For the last textbox, type "T&C" (the name we gave our template).

  8. Click the < Back link to return to the previous screen.

  9. For Field(s) to retrieve, select EmailBody.

  10. Under Place the value here, expand the dropdown and select the text control we added in the previous section: textTermsConditions.

  11. For Internal Notes, type "Grab Terms & Conditions which was stored in the Email Templates".

  12. In the upper right, click Close to exit the Action Set.

Show an Accept T&C Modal

At this point, the T&C will show on the estimate, however, we will take it one step further. When a customer accepts the estimate, they will be presented with the T&C and have to hit OK to continue.

  1. Scroll down, and to the right, to find the Accept button.

  2. Click thedown arrow on the Accept button, and select itsClick event.

  3. In Accept's action set, search for the action Show Message and add it.

  4. For its title, type in "Do you Accept the Terms & Conditions?"

  5. For the Insert a value into the message dropdown, select the object textTermsConditions.

  6. For Show these button(s), select OK/Cancel.

  7. For the Internal Notes, type in "Confirm Terms & Conditions."

  8. This Show Message action needs to go before the first action, so click on its line number (which should be 2), and drag it above the first aciton.

  9. Click the Close button to close the action set.

You are done! Now to make the version live.

Make the Estimate Portal Live

Even though you made a copy of the Estimate Portal, two versions were made for your new copy: the first was a public version every could use, the second was the version you were working on.

You need to push the version you were working on to live so everyone can use it.

  1. Close the Screen Designer to return back to managing the Estimates app.

  2. You will notice there are two Guest - View Estimate screens. Make sure you are working with the second one (with a 2). Click the vertical ellipsis, and then select Versions.

  3. On this screen, click Manage on the draft, Ver. 2.

  4. At the bottom right, click Publish.

The Estimate screen for the portal has now been updated and your customers can see it!

Test the Estimate Portal Screen

Before we can test the portal, create a test customer:

  • Create a test customer.

  • Make sure they have a dummy email so they can use the portal. (Email doesn't have to be real).

  • Give the test customer an estimate.

Now to test the portal:

  1. Click your profile icon in the upper right and select Account Settings.

  2. Scroll down and click Portal.

  3. In the upper-right, click Test drive to test the portal with your test customer.

  4. Select your test customer to test the portal as.

  5. Once in the portal as your test customer, click Open Transactions.

  6. Select the test estimate. It will look similar to this:

  7. Click the Accept button. You should be prompted with this confirmation box:

Feel free to continue testing cancelling and accepting, but your T&C is now live for your customers.

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