Method is mobile friendly within the browser and we also have native apps on Android and iTunes which you can download below.



Can I be signed into Method on my desktop and the app at the same time?
Yes. Method will not sign you out of the desktop if you sign into the app and vice versa.

Am I able to use the mobile app on more than one mobile device at a time?
No. You may only have one active session within the mobile app. For example, you cannot be actively signed in on both your iPhone and iPad at the same time using the native app.

Will the app automatically sign me in when I open it?
Yes. The app will remember the account last used to sign in.

Will I be able to see my customizations within the Method app?
Yes. You will have access to the same views including any customized screens.

Will I be able to customize on the mobile app?
At this time, we recommend you use the desktop environment when customizing Method screens.

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