How do I change a company logo on a report?

Getting your logo displaying correctly in transaction print templates

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NOTE: This article is geared towards those who are using the older Report Designer tool.

When printing out a transaction template (whether it be an invoice, estimate, sales receipt, etc), you may wish to line up your logo so it is flush to the right, or possibly you'd like to change the size of it.

In the below example, my Method:CRM logo is not placed correctly:

To get this aligned properly, you must use the Report Designer. There are two ways to get this done:

  • Use the logo from your Method:CRM account.

  • Upload your own logo into the report itself. 

In both cases, you will need to do this for every transaction you'd like to see the changes in. So if you change the Estimate Template, you will need to do the same for the Invoice Template, the Sales Order Template, the Sales Receipt Template, etc. 

Step 1: Find the Right Template

QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online have different names for the template, and as they get updated, these names will change. Your first order of business will be to find the template in question and then you'll create a copy of it. 

All you need will be the template name, so find an existing transaction from Method:CRM and print it. In the below example, I'm viewing an invoice pdf:

The file name is Invoice (Product) followed by a bunch of alpha numeric characters. All we need to know is that first part, and that is the name of the template. 

Step 2: Make A Copy

Since the templates may be updated by us, it is best for you to create a copy of the template and set it up in the preferences. Please refer to our article Copy a Transaction Print Template

Step 3a: Use the Logo from your Method:CRM Display Preferences

Within Method:CRM, you can upload a logo in your display preferences to be used on print templates, customer portals, etc. 

The problem with using this logo is the fact you can't see it since the logo is pulled in at run-time. So what you should do is make sure the box is the same size as your logo.

 1. Open the transaction template you wish to edit in Report Designer.

2. Select the logo in the upper right of the report. It has a picture icon.

3. On the right, in the Property Grid, find the entry called Sizing. It is currently set to "Center Image". (Make sure the logo has been selected, else this won't show up.)

4. Change Sizing to Zoom Image. In effect, this will zoom your logo to fill the entire box, however, it will still retain its proportions so it won't squeeze or warp the image.

When I preview my example, the logo is much larger, but now it is properly aligned on the right.

5. Back in the designer view, resize the logo by grabbing the left handle on the control and dragging it to the right. The logo will resize itself to fit in the box.

6. And now, when you preview your report, you will see the logo is a proper size, and is aligned to the right. Feel free to play with the size if you want it bigger or smaller.

Step 3b: Upload a New Logo

If you would rather see the logo, or you would like to use a different one, you can certainly add one in the report instead of doing the above steps. 

1. Open the transaction template you wish to edit in Report Designer.

2. Select and delete the logo in the upper right of the report. It will have a little picture icon.

3. From the Standard Controls on the left, click and drag the Picture Box in the same area as the logo. Resize and align it to the right of the margin.

4. With the picture box still selected, look on the right within the Property Grid. In the section called Data you will an entry called Image. If you click where it says "(none)", a little ellipsis box will pop up. Selecting the ellipsis box will let you add a picture from your desktop, so add in a picture.

5. And now that we have embedded my own logo, we can see it in the report. This will make it much easier to place and size.

6. If you wish to resize this logo, you can take a look at the previous step, Step3a, which goes through the process of setting the logo up to be resizable. 

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