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Method:Sidebar for Gmail Preferences
Method:Sidebar for Gmail Preferences

Setting up the defaults for Method:Sidebar for Gmail

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The Method:Sidebar for Gmail preferences allow you to set up its default behaviour.

NOTE: The preferences for the Method:Sidebar for Gmail is only accessible from Method, and not accessible from the Sidebar itself.

To access the preferences for the sidebar:

  1. Log into Method.

  2. Click the Profile icon in the upper right and click Integrations.

  3. In the list of Integrations, select Method:Sidebar for Gmail Settings.

Within the preferences screen, you will be able to see:

  1. Whether the sidebar is connected to Gmail or not.

  2. A button to Set up the sidebar (if you are not set up already). 

  3. User settings that only affect the current Method user.

  4. Account settings that is only available to those with Administrator permissions in Method, and affects every user who connect with the Sidebar to this Method account.

User Settings

The user settings allows you to set up defaults for the fields for the following apps: Activities, Opportunities, Cases, and Work Orders. These defaults only affect the Method:Sidebar and will not change defaults for the apps within Method itself. 

NOTE: If you do not have permission to access an app, you will not be able to set the defaults for it.

General Settings

  • Auto-expand Method:Sidebar when a contact is found: This will expand the sidebar within Gmail when a contact for the email is found.

Activities Settings

  • Autofill activity comments with first 250 characters of the email

  • Auto-expand activity details section: Expand the activity details within the sidebar.

  • Save email in plain text: There is a dedicated section within an activity for the email body. This specifies whether or not you want the email body to be saved in unformatted text as opposed to html.

You will also be able to set the following defaults when creating a new activity in the sidebar:

  • Activity Type

  • Activity Status

  • Activity Prioirty

  • Follow-up Type

  • Follow-up Status

  • Follow-up Priority

Opportunities Settings

  • Autofill opportunity description with first 250 characters of the email

You will also be able to set the following defaults when creating a new opportunity in the sidebar:

  • Stage

  • Type

  • Lead Source

Cases Settings

  • Autofill case comments with first 250 characters of the email

You will also be able to set the following defaults when creating a new case in the sidebar:

  • Case Status

  • Case Origin

  • Case Priority

  • Case Type

  • Case Reason

Work Orders Settings

You will be able to set a Service Item default when creating a new work order in the sidebar.

Account Settings

As stated earlier, the company settings for the Method:Sidebar preferences will affect every user who connects to this Method account with their Method:Sidebar.


  • If multiple contacts found: If you happen to have more than one contact for the same email

    • Display Results - Show the contacts in the sidebar.

    • Use Newest - bring up the newest contact that has been added to Method.

    • Use Oldest - bring up the oldest contact that has been added to Method.

    • Last Contacted - bring up the contact that was last contacted.

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