Normally, Method will send out email for you. However, if you'd prefer to have Method use your Gmail Server to send email, this article will outline the email server settings (SMTP mail server) for Gmail users.

Note: If you set up your email server to use Gmail, email sent from Method will show up in your sent email box.

Configuring Gmail as an Email Server

  1. In Gmail, you will need to enable 2-Step Verification and generate an app password. Please see our article Authorize Gmail Email Settings.

  2. In Method, select your profile icon and click Account Settings.

  3. Scroll down until you find Email. Select it to go to its settings.

  4. Within the Email delivery provider, uncheck the checkbox to Use Method's server to deliver emails for you (recommended).

  5. Unchecking the box will show fields to set up your email server. For the Add a company email server dropdown, select Gmail.

  6. Click Sign in with Google.

  7. You will be asked to authenticate with Gmail.

  8. Once authenticated, the page will show that Method is connected.

  9. Click the Test button to send a test email to see if the server is working.

If you are receiving an error despite following the above steps, this may be due to not enabling "IMAP Access" and "Allow Less Secure Apps" in Gmail. To enable these features, follow the following steps in your Gmail account:

1. Click the gear symbol underneath your user circle in the top right and then settings.

2. Click "Forwarding and POP/IMAP" and then confirm that IMAP is enabled.

3. Next you will click the dashboard symbol in the top-right of the screen and then "Account".

4. Underneath Sign-in & Security, click "Apps with account access".

5. Scroll down until you see "Allow Less Secure Apps". Enable this feature.

After following these steps, try testing your email settings in Method:CRM again!

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