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Method:Sidebar for Gmail
Installing Method:Sidebar for Gmail
Installing Method:Sidebar for Gmail
Setting up the Method:Sidebar for Gmail.
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The Method:Sidebar for Gmail is available to users of Method:CRM and Gmail. It will allow you to see Method:CRM data within the inbox of your gmail account. 

To install the Method:Sidebar for Gmail, please go through the following steps.

1. Log in to your Gmail account.

2. Click the gear and select Get Add-Ons.

3. In the G Suite Marketplace, search for Method:Sidebar and select it.

4. On the Method:Sidebar page, click Install.

5. You will be prompted to Continue...

6. Select your Method:CRM account which will be used in the Method:Sidebar.

7. Grant permissions to allow Method:Sidebar to access your Google Account.

8. Method:Sidebar will not show up until you select an email. Choose one and you should see the Method:CRM icon on the right of your email.

9. The first time you use Method:Sidebar, you will need to sign in.

10. A separate window will pop up which will allow you to enter in your Method:CRM credentials. Continue with signing into Method:CRM.

11. One final authorization. This gives the add-on permission to access your Method:CRM account.

Congratulations! Method:Sidebar has been successfully installed as an Add-on!

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