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Moving QuickBooks to a New Computer
Moving QuickBooks to a New Computer

How to change the computer for those on QuickBooks Desktop

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If you change the computer your QuickBooks Desktop company file is on, Method will no longer recognize it. These steps will tell Method the new computer you moved your existing QuickBooks company file to. 

NOTE: You will need to be an Administrator on this Method account in order to reset the synced computer.

This may occur if you upgraded or replaced your computer, but remember: the QuickBooks file is the same.

You cannot use these steps to change one QuickBooks company file for another. A Method account only recognizes one QuickBooks company file and will not sync with any other. 

Reset synced Computer Name

  1. Click the Profile icon in the upper right and click Integrations.

  2. Select QuickBooks Sync.

  3. Expand the Troubleshooting section.

  4. Under Synced Computer Name, select the link Reset Synced Computer Name.

  5. If you do not have it yet, download the Method Sync Engine to the new computer.

  6. Now start from Step 3 in the Method Sync Engine installation article to sync your new computer with Method.

  7. If you need to sign in to the sync engine, you can do so by entering in your account details, or an authorization code. Please see the article "Where can I find my Authorization Code".

Once the sync is complete on your new computer, the Synced Computer Name within the troubleshooting section will be updated with your new computer:

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