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Syncing Additional Computers with QuickBooks
Syncing Additional Computers with QuickBooks

Email to users instructions to setup sync on additional desktops

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To ensure a real-time sync between Method and QuickBooks Pro/Premier/Enterprise on your desktop, the Method Sync Engine should be installed on every additional computer accessing the QuickBooks desktop file.

However, an Authorization code is needed when installing the engine.

This article will show you the process to send the information to those who need to additionally install the Method Sync Engine.

Note: Only QuickBooks users who have QuickBooks installed on their machines need to also install the Method Sync Engine. Users who only use Method on the browser do not need to install the Method Sync Engine.

Send an Email to a User via Method

  1. Select the Profile icon in the upper right corner.

  2. Select Integrations

  3. Click QuickBook Sync Settings.

  4. Click TroubleShooting.

  5. Scroll to the bottom and click the link Instructions to setup sync on a new desktop.

  6. Under the first step, click Email Instructions.

  7. Put the email of the person you wish to send the email to and click Send.

The new user will now get an email that contains a link to a website. When they click on that link, they will be taken to an instructional page to download the Method Sync Engine as well as generate an authorization code. 

This page will look like this:

They must select Generate Code to copy the Authorization Code into their clipboard.

And then, after downloading the installer, they will need to proceed with the installation and sync as outlined in our article Sync Method with QuickBooks Desktop

There are some minor differences when these additional computers are set up to sync:

  • The additional sync engine will show a status of ”OnDemand from desktop only mode”. This is normal.

  • The additional installations are responsible for listening to changes happening within QuickBooks Desktop and sending that data to Method. This does not replace the main sync engine on the main computer.

NOTE: If a computer accessing the QuickBooks file does not have the Method Sync Engine installed, changes in data may be delayed until the next scheduled changes only sync occurs.

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