List of Events

A list of events which trigger actions to run

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The following is a list of the Events that are used in Method.  Remember, an event is something the user does to a computer to tell it “time to do something” (and that something is an action). For a full list of actions that can be assigned to these events, please check out the List of Actions.

Click: This event involves a user using a mouse to click on an object.  Obviously this is most common in buttons, but it can also be used elsewhere - text objects, icons, and even grids (see below).

Change: This is often used in text objects, if the user deletes or changes what’s in an input box.  

Focus: Focus refers to which object is selected by the user. For example, a user can give an object focus by clicking in, or tabbing to, a text input box. The focus event for a screen triggers when a user visits the screen.  

Lose Focus: The opposite of Focus. If the user is finished with one input box and clicks or tabs away, the initial object loses focus.  

Row Click: Unique to the Grid Object. Triggers when the user clicks on a row in the grid. 

Custom Row Click: Unique to Dropdown Controls. This allows you to add a clickable link inside of a dropdown. Usually used to take the user to screens to edit the dropdown options.

Load: Refers to when a screen loads, for example, if you click the reload button or navigate to it for the first time.

Active Record Change: This event is unique to the screen events. It triggers when the Screen Active Record ID has been set. For example, when a user clicks on Bob Crenshaw in the Contact list, they get redirected to Bob Crenshaw’s View Contact screen. The Record ID of Bob Crenshaw is placed into the Screen Active Record ID, and the screen's Active Record Change event triggers.

Calendar Events

The following events are only found within the Calendar Object

Add Event: Found only in the calendar object. This sounds confusing because of the language used, but it's refers to adding an event (like a birthday party or a meeting).

Event Click: Unique to the calendar object. If you click on an event (like a birthday party or a meeting) this is considered an “event click” event.

Edit: Unique to the calendar object. It refers to editing the calendar itself by dragging elements around to resize.

Selection: One more for the calendar object! This event refers to selecting a given aspect of the screen, like an activity. Selecting the activity can cause an action to be triggered.

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