Updating the Right App Ribbon to ⅔ View

How to change the app ribbon view from ⅓ view to ⅔ view.

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For accounts with a customized Contacts View, the app ribbon is a thin bar on the right as shown in the below image:

However, the normal view for this should fill up ⅔ of the screen:

This article will show you how to convert the one-third view to the two-thirds view as
shown above. 

NOTE: When the app ribbon view is changed to two-thirds, the main panel shrinks. For screens not optimized to work on mobile (responsive), the display will not optimally fit inside this. Designing a screen to be responsive is beyond the scope of this document, but to get you started, please see our help article "Responsive Design". 

Enable Full Two-Thirds App Ribbon View

In this example, we will change the View Contacts screen to display the app ribbon in a full two-thirds view.

1. Customize your screen. If prompted to copy your screen or create a new version, click Yes.

2. On the right properties panel, click the page icon to go to the screen's properties.

3. You will find a dropdown called App Ribbon. Select 2/3 Panel

4. Save the screen, and you're done!

If you need help to test this out, you can reach out to our Professional Services team for support with this.

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