The Record Summary allows you to format how records are displayed in app ribbons.

In the below image example, an activity is displayed in a contact's app ribbon. The six lines that are showed is the record summary of that one activity.

In the example shown in the App Ribbon Configuration article, we set up a relationship between the Contact table and a fictional pets table so we could show how many pets Amy Ford has. There are three records shown in the below image, each following the same record summary format.

The record summary can be set up show basic information, like the name of the pet, its age, the type, and any other fields you have in the table.

Record Summary Example Set Up

In this scenario, we will assume a fictional custom table called Pets is set up, a long with a custom Pets app. These do not exist in your account so replace any reference to the Pets App where appropriate.

1. Select the vertical ellipsis ( ) on the Pets App and then click Manage.

2. On the left menu, select Record Summary.

3. Select Default Summary to edit it. 

4. Click ⊕ Add Another Item.

The first drop down field gives you a choice between two types: Text and Field.

  • Text: Type in text to display in the record summary.
  • Field: Select a field in the table to display.

Beside it are the formatting options: Bold, Italics, and Underline.

The option ⊕ Add Another Item allows you to add more fields or text within the record summary.

In the above example, we chose to display the Name field from the Pets table, and within brackets, we put in the PetType field. This will show up in the App Ribbon as shown below:

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